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      來源:http://www.voirpourcomprendre.com/ 日期:2020-12-17 發布人:sanwa8

      Concentrated feed is a kind of semi-finished feed, which is scientifically and reasonably mixed with various protein raw materials (such as soybean meal, rapeseed meal, fish meal, etc.) and a certain proportion of minerals and additives according to the requirements of feeding standards. It is simple and convenient to use. When using, it is only necessary to flexibly master the self-produced corn flour and bran according to the reference formula on the label, but not directly Feeding. Xiaobian found that some farmers, especially the farmers of free range breeding, have many improper points in the selection. In this paper, the author puts forward several aspects needing attention in the selection of Pig concentrate for reference.
      1. According to the reference proportion, reasonable ingredients
      Concentrated feed is a kind of semi-finished feed, which should be made into full price feed according to different types and stages of livestock and poultry. However, at present, many farmers do not use the concentrated materials at one time, but scoop some concentrated materials with the lid of a kettle or a bowl according to imagination, and mix some corn flour and bran. It's just a short title at all. It's unscientific to make the concentrate according to the proportion. Therefore, in the preparation of full price material, the preparation should be carried out according to the reference proportion on the label, flexible application, and do not add too many other additives at will. For example, for lean meat pigs, we should select the concentrate suitable for lean meat pigs, and then according to the size of pigs and the reference formula on the label, we can prepare the compound feed suitable for lean meat pigs, and we will prepare the local Hybrid Pigs according to the needs of local pigs, so that the protein content can be appropriately lower, and we should consider making full use of our own agricultural and sideline products.
      2. Avoid heating the batch
      The full price material made of concentrated materials, mixed into hot cooked food, heated or fermented, will cause the loss of nutrients and seriously destroy the nutritional balance, especially the loss of vitamins, which directly affects the production performance of livestock and poultry. When feeding, raw materials should be fed dry or mixed wet.
      3. Do not change the material too often or when the material is not good
      Some farmers do not have their own opinions. When they hear that the feed is good, they immediately change another kind of feed, or think that the first batch of new brand feed is good, they constantly change the feed and test it frequently; others think that the change of feed seriously affects the growth, and they know that the feed is not good, and they are not willing to change a good feed. The scientific way is to master the correct way to change the feed. When the feed is not very ideal, choose a good one and change it. The correct way to change feed is to gradually complete in 4-7 days, the original feed gradually reduced, the new feed gradually increased, mixed feeding, such a transition, can well reduce feed stress.

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