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      Many people pay close attention to the topic of pig feed for cattle. Not only novices but also many veterans want to know about it, because they have never used it, but they have heard that someone is using it and the effect is very good. They also want to know whether it can reduce the cost of raising cattle. Today, pig feed experts will talk about the problem of pig feed to cattle.
      In principle, it is not allowed for pigs to feed cattle
      Pig feed, as the name suggests, is the edible feed for pigs. Since it's for pigs, it's not suitable to feed cattle. Pigs are omnivores, while cattle are ruminants. The digestive systems of the two animals are very different. Cattle have four stomachs, they can make the feed get enough decomposition and attraction, and in order to make cattle ruminate, they must feed a lot of roughage.
      Of course, some people will say that they have also fed pig feed to cattle, and found that there is no problem, cattle still eat. In fact, the general composition of pig feed is similar to that of cattle feed. They are both energy feed and protein feed, but there are also some differences.
      First of all, there may be bone meal in pig feed, but animal feed cannot be used to feed cattle, which may lead to mad cow disease. Now it is stipulated that there cannot be bone meal in cattle feed, so pig feed cannot be used to feed cattle.
      其次就是豬飼料里面還會有很大的抗生素,生豬能夠長得那么快跟抗生素就有不少的原因。不過這些激素拿來喂豬能夠刺激成長 ,但是拿來喂牛不僅不會刺激生長,還有可能會傷害牛的消化系統,短期不會看到什么問題,長期下來牛的生長速度就越來越慢。同時豬飼料還會含有大量肉牛不需要的微量元素,這些也會造成肉牛負擔太大。
      Secondly, there will be a lot of antibiotics in pig feed. There are many reasons why pigs can grow so fast with antibiotics. However, these hormones can stimulate the growth of pigs, but not only will they not stimulate the growth of cattle, they may also damage the digestive system of cattle. There will be no problems in the short term, and the growth rate of cattle will be slower and slower in the long term. At the same time, pig feed will also contain a lot of trace elements that beef cattle do not need, which will also cause too much burden on beef cattle.
      Because of many reasons, in principle, pig feed can not be used to feed cattle, but many people still use it to feed cattle. If you say it's used to feed the beef cattle, some people will use it to feed the calves. This is a pit for the friends who bought the calves.
      We should know that the immunity and digestive ability of calves raised with pig feed are very weak, and they usually can't see anything. Once they are transported for a long time, they will have a very serious stress reaction. Many cattle veterans know that they can't buy pig feed cattle. Once they buy them, half of them may die, and the loss will be serious

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