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      The following points should be paid attention to in the feeding and management of newly purchased piglets.
      (1) The newly purchased piglets should not be horses. In order to prevent some pig diseases, the pig body surface should be disinfected with drugs (such as 5% Lysol, 0.5% Peracetic acid, etc.), and then they should be raised in the isolation house for 15 ~ 20 days, and then they should be grouped with other pigs after they are confirmed to be disease-free and healthy. (2) It is necessary to find out whether the swine vaccine has been given systemic immunization. If not, the whole group should be injected with various vaccines, such as classical swine fever, swine erysipelas and swine lung disease.
      (3) It is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable grouping of pigs, and the piglets with the same breed and source should be raised in the same pen to prevent the big from bullying the small, the strong bullying the weak, fighting with each other and eating unevenly.
      (4) We should pay attention to the quality and variety of feed, try to use the original feed used by piglets first, and then gradually change into normal feed, so as to prevent the loss of appetite and dyspepsia caused by sudden change of feed.
      (5) It is necessary to pay attention to the environment of pig house, not to make the pig house too humid, cold or too high temperature, and try to create the comfort suitable for weaning piglets. In order to reduce the impact of adverse factors on the piglets.

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