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      What is full price feed? Full price feed is the feed for fattening pigs. According to different weights of pigs, there is feed factory directly equipped with good feed during fattening period. Do not want people in processing can be directly fed feed, called full price feed. In the course of my feeding, I have fed all kinds of feed produced by the full price feed factory. Although labor-saving and convenient, but I think its effect in the middle and late fattening, not as good as concentrate with their own effect. But if it is weaned piglets, or full price feed effect is good. Piglets taste good, like to eat, not easy to loose sick. The growth rate is much faster than that of piglets fed with concentrate.
      Because the key time of fattening pigs is the time of piglets. If the growth of piglets is not good during the development period, the fattening time will be seriously affected. Often fattening period of a long time, in the piglets born calculation four and a half months can not raise fattening pigs, in the economic benefits of pig will be greatly reduced. Therefore, I suggest that weaned piglets should be fed with full price feed. Even if the cost is much more expensive than their own ration, they should also be fed. Overall, the profit of a pig is much higher.

      As what is concentrated feed, concentrated feed is concentrated feed factory, which mixes all kinds of concentrate feed and various nutrients of pigs in different weight stages and fattening periods together, that is, pig farmers use corn and wheat bran by themselves, and then feed them according to a certain mixing ratio. This is concentrated feed. In the middle and late stage of fattening pigs, concentrated feed is better than full feed.
      It is not only cheaper than full price feed, but also more reliable in feed quality. But I don't think it's too early to change the concentrate when piglets are fed full price feed. Later, try to make piglets to achieve a good piglet development process, and then change to concentrate their own feed. According to my previous feeding method, from the birth of piglets to fattening, it is generally four and a half months to reach the standard of slaughter. The average weight of each pig is 200 kg, so I think it's better for piglets to feed full price feed, and it's better to feed concentrated feed in the middle and late stage after 50 kg or 60 kg.

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