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      With the progress of science and technology, all walks of life have developed accordingly. Obviously in the breeding industry, pigs start to eat fermented pig feed, you know?
      There are many kinds of raw materials for fermented feed, and the cost is low. After fermentation with probiotics, part of the feed can be used to feed pigs instead of feed, thus saving the feeding cost. Probiotics in fermented feed can balance the intestinal environment of pigs, ensure normal intestinal peristalsis and reduce the occurrence of intestinal diseases. The stomach and intestines of pigs are in good condition and the nutrient absorption and utilization rate is high. Fermented feed contains antibacterial substances, immunoglobulin factors and some bacterial proteins, which can improve the immunity of pigs and reduce the incidence rate of pigs.
      The cost of fermented pig feed is low, and the feeding effect is good. More and more people follow this idea and want to try to feed with fermented pig feed. In fact, raising pigs with fermented pig feed is also a problem worthy of attention. Let's have a look.
      1. 發酵豬飼料可代替全飼料達70%。飼料添加總量為30%,其次為40%、50%、70%。
      1. Fermented pig feed can replace the whole feed by 70%. The total amount of feed added was 30%, followed by 40%, 50% and 70%.
      2. 母豬分娩前15天內發酵的飼料量應小于50%,以防止母豬輕度酒精影響仔豬的生長發育;
      2. The amount of fermented feed for sows should be less than 50% within 15 days before delivery, so as to prevent mild alcohol from affecting the growth and development of piglets;
      3. Fermentation materials with moldy or different odor should not be used. If the fermented feed is not properly preserved, moldy or smelly, it can no longer be used as pig feed;
      4. 將發酵后的豬飼料從容器中倒入豬體內,加料后立即密封容器。它不能暴露太久,以免造成污染。
      4. Pour the fermented pig feed into the pig body from the container, and seal the container immediately after feeding. It should not be exposed too long to avoid pollution.
      The feeding effect of fermented pig feed is really good, but the premise is to master the production technology and control the quantity. We can kill two birds with one stone only if we pay attention to what we should pay attention to.
      Pig concentrate manufacturers introduced fermented pig feed to fight against so many benefits, no wonder so many farmers like it, it is estimated that pigs themselves like it!

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