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      At present, there are three types of sows feed: powder feed, liquid feed and pellet feed. Powder can be divided into two kinds: coarse powder (simple mixture) and commercial fine powder. In the past decade, liquid feed has emerged in European countries.
      The purpose is to reduce the use of antibiotics and improve the welfare of sows; with the sharp rise of corn prices in recent years, some customers realize that the demand for pellet feed is increasing rapidly when the cost of self compounding is almost the same as that of batch feed, so feed factories are developing to cope with market changes. However, the use of granular material has always been controversial. This paper analyzes the problems in sow nutrition, physiology and production practice, and welcomes colleagues to make bricks.
      1 母豬對粉狀料的采食量比顆粒料的采食量大
      1. The feed intake of sows fed with powder feed was higher than that fed with pellet feed
      The main reason behind this fact is that sows have developed teeth, flexible tongue and huge mouth. The stimulation of powder to their taste and smell makes the secretion of digestive juice in the first stage larger than that of granule. The effect of salivary amylase on powder was more rapid than that on granule.
      Therefore, sows have a stronger appetite for powder. In the wild, sows have a wide range of food, including tubers, green fodder, grain seeds, small animals and so on. Mature grain seeds are very hard, so granular food is not the first choice for sows. Moreover, pigs have the habit of rushing to eat, and the consequences of eating a large amount of pellets at a time are very serious: the pellets that have not been fully chewed remain in the digestive tract for a long time, and the insufficient secretion of digestive juice in the first stage also leads to the slow down of gastrointestinal peristalsis. Especially in the perinatal period, the loss of appetite and constipation become inevitable.
      2 粉狀料較顆粒更“新鮮”
      2. Powder is fresher than particle
      As we all know, powdery materials are not easy to preserve, and in the north, the storage time in summer can not exceed 15 days, because the contact area with oxygen in the air is larger after unpacking, and it is easier to be oxidized; while granular materials are different, the contact area with air is reduced after extrusion, so they can be stored for a longer time. In terms of field application effect, the powder produced within 3 days has more advantages (the less intermediate links, the better for sows).

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